Thoughts on Childhood Obesity

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The discussion about the causes and consequences of childhood obesity are everywhere.  This is good, maybe awareness will bring about change in this situation.  It seems to me that there are a couple factors that are consistently contributing to the kids involved.  The first is that the parents do not have sufficient nutritional understanding about what is in the food they are eating themselves and then feeding to their kids.  The second is that the parents are afraid to be the “bad guy.”  It seems that the days have passed where “because I said so,” “I know best,” and “you’ll thank me later”  from our parents were all reasons to comply to their requests.  Why is junk food in the house?  Why are temper tantrums being rewarded?  Why are kids running the show?  Now, I’m looking at this all from the health and fitness prospective – I’m not a parent – Can someone who is please help me understand what they think the issues are and how to turn this whole thing around?

Quote from Men’s Health article Raise a Smarter, Healthier Child by Scott Quill
29: Percentage of kids who take no physical-education class at all
8: Percentage of schools that meet nationally recommended exercise requirements
45: Percentage of kids who are overweight or obese

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