Maybe It Isn’t About YOU Anymore

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In the last month, I have seen numerous stories, blogs and posts about how millions of American kids are turning to personal trainers to learn how to stay fit. Everyone seems so surprised by this realization. I’m not sure why. In general, schools have cut gym classes and continued serving pizza and tater tots. After school activities have become sitting and playing video games for hours. The increase in teenagers being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes is staggering. Life expectancy and quality of life are going to start going down.

I don’t think you can blame any one group for these situations. I don’t think blame is going to solve anything. I use to roll my eyes when obesity was categorized as an epidemic, but now I’m worried. The youngest person I’ve ever trained was 13. It was sad to see that in a world of video games and fast food, this person just needed to ride their bike and have someone to play basketball with them. It puts the trainer in a fragile position because to be positive and yet firm seems so cruel with someone that young. It’s hard to imagine growing up and having your parents drop you off at the gym when all your friends are going to the cafe for coffee and pastries (don’t get me started on that topic).

Although I’m happy to help when I can, I think that we, as adults, have a responsibility to take care of ourselves and then stress the importance of health and fitness to the next generation. There are several cultures in the world that LIVE a healthy lifestyle and therefore the kids learn that lifestyle as well.

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