Blab and Flab

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cell-phone-user2.jpgI was working out this morning and was completely annoyed with the person on a nearby elliptical talking on their phone.  My first thought was how rude to the people around you, listening to you yapping.  My second thought was how ineffective the workout would be based on a lack of intensity and focus.   So I came home and decided to blog about it.  Before I got this far, however, I read all my news and blog feeds.  I  found a blog post with a title indicating this very topic.  I though, ahha, I’m not alone.  But after reading the post, realized that I’m just as rude.  The blog post was about talking on your phone while power-walking your dog and how this is rude to the people on the other end listening to you pant and talk to the dog.  Yikes, I do this!  So, it seems that there are several degrees of exercising and chatting.  It’s so easy to pick up that phone when you have a spare or partially free moment, but every now and then, we need to reevaluate our actions.

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