Where in the world is AmyMac and Fit Life?

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I know.  You are all going through withdrawal without a new Fit Life.  Without making excuses, we have had a couple of months filled with vacationers and special projects.  The funny thing is, we have shot more video in the last 2 weeks than in the last year!  We just haven’t had time to get it all imported and edited, which is always our problem and we are working on a plan for that, too.  I hope I don’t jinx us, but we are planning on getting out a couple of shows this week and then should be stable at one a week for awhile.   In the meantime, Fitness Attack and Assercize continue to be new, exciting and consistent, so feel free to stock up on those shows until we get some of this video sorted out.  Thank you for all your support and dedication.  We are constantly working to improve our production quality and scheduling so we can provide great shows for you.

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