I Should Have Thrown Everything in the Ocean and Bought New!

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OK, I’m at a week of no gym and eating junk food.  What went wrong?  I was completely planned for the move BUT didn’t plan on food, unexpected issues/ detours and the exhaustion.  Now I’m running on caffeine, sugar and carbs.  I’m going to end up in withdrawal next week as I try to return to a normal life.    So hindsight gives us – what could I have done to prevent this downward spiral?  Answer: go to Subway the day before the move, get like 8 – 6″ sandwiches and eat them for lunch and dinner for the day of the move, the day of unpacking and the day after when you are trying to work, step over boxes and accidentally wear your slippers to work (I was quite the fashion statement in downtown SF that day).   And/Or go Martha Stewart style and get fruit, veggies, sandwich makings at the store and pack a picnic basket or cooler for those crazy couple of days.  Also, packing, moving and unpacking was quite a strenuous activity so I would have given myself a free pass for a few days from the gym had I not eaten so poorly.

AND a 3 day weekend wasn’t an option but it would have saved the rest of the week from complete chaos (at least from the move aspect).

ALSO….learn the hours of Uhaul so you can have a smooth truck return and not be stuck with a 26′ stickshift “semi” in the city overnight.  PS – Check your personal car insurance and credit cards because those vehicles are many times not included in your regular policies so splurge for the $15 insurance.

Yes, Dad, I fully understand the phrase “Live and Learn.”

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