On My Bad Side

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Someone please help me figure out how the healthcare system works.  So I take pretty good care of myself and always go to the doctor for annual physicals.  Part of that exam includes labwork to make sure everything is working correctly.  Very proactive, right?  So then please explain why my insurance will only cover a portion of those tests, a very small portion.  I’m a little peeved about having to pay for gym memberships because I feel that it is also proactive but I’m willing to foot that bill.  But seriously, my insurance will cover more on a triple bypass than on checking my cholesterol on an annual basis.   I think that pretty much sums up my feelings about how I feel society deals with issues.  We are always taking the shortcuts but then scrambling to undo the damage that we’ve done.  So until there is a solution, I’m going to continue to pay hundreds of dollars every year in fees, labs, etc to attempt to maintain my health.  Good plan, great motivation, BCBS.

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