Spin Your Salad

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salad.JPGWe fitness-minded people suggest to our clients and audience to have a salad as a meal.  This suggestion normally gets an unhappy grumble or is later reported that you had the biggest loaded salad that ends up being worse than a burger and fries – yes, they do exist.  I’m going to give you a couple of my suggestions and then I encourage you to check out this post from HealthMad which gives you ideas on how to theme your salad to keep it healthy and interesting.

— I hate eating a salad and being hungry an hour later so I always make sure to include protein – meat, beans, and nuts.

— Go with vegetables and fruits that are in season.  I love a summer salad with fresh strawberries, but in the winter, its a no go.  However, a warm taco salad (easy on the cheese and sour cream) is fantastic in the colder months.

>> Click Here for the Full HealthMad post with suggestions <<

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