I Tackled the Fish Market…

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2467245946_0ea87791c5.jpg2462975721_f8ebfc9c24.jpg2462963973_a5915fed74.jpgI mean aquarium! You all know that I am on a quest to eat fresh fish – a girls gotta get her omega-3s! As a non-fishy person, I thought that getting it super fresh would help entice me to eat it. Well, I have to say that selecting the fish out of the fish tank and having them gut it in front of me is just a little too fresh. However, once I got over the whole traumatizing experience. (I have a strict ‘won’t anything that I saw with a head’ rule.) The fish was amazingly good! Plus, in addition to the fish, we bought 2 dozen oysters and grilled them the next night! Holy moly! Those things rocked! Please note the size of those things!

The verdict is that the fish is fantastic and we will continue to buy from the fresh market, however, I am no longer going to go along for the selection process!

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