Revival of the Victory Gardens

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In the 1940s, gardens were planted by the community in vacant and government spaces to help with the food supply, offset food cost and bring the communities together in a time of war.  San Francisco has begun to revive this idea for all the same reasons.  They have recently planted the grounds in front of city hall and are going to donate the produce to the local food banks and programs to distribute as needed.  In many urban areas, green space is hard to come by so using this land to produce food is helping to bring purpose to a place of beauty.  Hopefully, the idea will inspire others in the area to do the same with their front yards.  Not only is this going to offset food cost, but it will encourage healthy, organic eating and exercise!  If your area is not going to start planting their vacant areas, take it upon yourself to start some plants in your home or arrange a community garden.

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