Unclutter in 5 Minutes!

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What is the value of a good night sleep?  What is the best way to get great sleep and fall asleep fast?  This show has several bits of info of how to make the most of your shuteye.

Hot Topic – How to fall asleep fast!
When just closing your eyes isn’t enough.
Sleep Hygience – Best Practices – www.sleepdex.org

Well Equipped – List Makers
Making a list can help you unclutter before bed!

Fresh from the Market – Breakfast of Champions
Eat breakfast to lose weight!
Skipping Breakfast May Lead to Obesity – www.consumeraffairs.com
Breakfast Shakes – www.cooks.com

Did You Know – Cell Phone Radiation
Chatting before bed can affect your sleep.
Mobile Phone Radiation Wrecks Your Sleep – www.independent.co.uk

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