Why I Love TJ!

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Trader Joe'sToday I was at Trader Joe’s, which is new here in Nashville, and as I was doing my shopping I had to laugh at the man in front of me, who was clearly a first-timer.  Every time he would come upon something that he needed, he would pick up the package, look at the ingredients, then the price and then exclaim about how healthy it was and how cheap!  The first time, I was amused but by the last aisle he was still so excited that I was just full out laughing.

applesIn addition to having a fun shopping trip (and yes, the employees are just as friendly as they are everywhere else, which always amazes me), it also made me think about how we have become accustomed to the fact that healthy food is expensive.  Some store require a big chunk of your paycheck to sell you what seems like the healthiest option.  When I saw this guy overjoyed at the price of the whole grain pasta with flaxseed (for only $.49) I thought about what this could mean for reshaping the perception of healthy eating for consumers.

Let me also clear up the perception of ‘healthy eating.’  I’m not talking about foods you have never heard of before, I’morangestalking about frozen fruit without added sugar, mixed nuts with less salt, delicious salsa with ingredients that you know and produce that is affordable!  So I guess in one way this post is just to say that I really enjoy Trader Joe’s and I’m ecstatic that they are now in town.   But the other reason for this post is to let you know that in tight economic times, you can afford to eat healthy.  It’s not about the store, its about finding a farmers market, or starting a garden or finding alternative ways to make sure you that you and your family are making a healthy way of life a priority.

* This is not a paid endorsement for Trader Joe’s *

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