Michelle Obama and Amy Mac’s Organic Gardens!

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Michelle Obama's White House GardenMichelle Obama and I are both adjusting to our new surroundings after relocating in January.  We are also both planning and starting our own organic kitchen gardens.  There are a few differences, of course,  my garden is 32 square feet and Michelle’s is 1,100 square feet.  Michelle has a team of people to help her maintain her garden, while Chris and I will be doing all of our manual labor.  Despite any differences, the goal is the same – sustainability.  We are both growing healthy, pesticide-free vegetables to enjoy in the months to come.

Chris and I are working off of a square foot gardening plan developed by Mel Bartholomew, which allows us to grow the same amount of vegetables of a 160-foot garden, in just 32 square feet.  Amy Mac Seed StartersWe will also be adding some Topsy Turvys for our pepper and tomato plants.  At this point, we are in the beginning stages and have built our raised box, added soil and started our seeds indoors.

Today, I’m going to make our compost bin so we can begin recycling our food waste and create nutrient rich soil for our continuous planting.

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