Miniature Golf – AmyMac Style

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Miniature GolfI’ve always bragged that I could take the simplest activity and make it a workout.  Yesterday, that skill was put to the test.  We’ve been hard at work with a 1-1 bootcamp this week and are just exhausted.  We are implementing a routine for the gym, food, appropriate snacks and portion sizes and burning as many calories as possible.  However, yesterday, the request was to have fun (she doesn’t find working out as fun as I do) and I wondered what we could do to keep us on the right track but break up the routine a bit.   We opted for miniature golf and then added another game to it.  We had to find different exercises to do while the other person was on the green, we alternated between holding a squat, single leg balances, pushups, toe raises and jumping jacks.  There were some steps in between holes, so we added stepups to the mix.  We played 2 rounds and at the end, were exhausted!  I was kind of surprised how effective it was.  At the same time, we had fun and she was extremely happy to get out of the gym.   Now doing stuff like this does cause stares as people watch you workout your way around the course, so be prepared if you decide to play a round.

Do you have an activity that you’ve amped up to make it a workout?

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