Why You Need to Cross Train!

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You’ve heard of the importance of cross-training but is it something you actively do?  I always feel like we are creatures of habit and once we have our routine, we just keep doing it.  However, cross-training is important and here are a couple of reasons why:

1- Prevent Injury

Working the same muscles the same way over and over again can create a repetitive motion injury. Think about people that run on a track, if they continually turn left, they are increasing the chance of injury on the left side of their body. People that swim are more likely to have a rotator cuff injury than those that cycle…you get the idea.

2- Prevent Boredom

Ever feel like a hamster on a wheel on that elliptical?  You might be bored!  If you enjoy the exercise you choose, then you are more likely to keep doing it and see the most results!

3- Maximize Results

Doing a variety of activities will consistently challenge your muscles in a new and different way.  Swimming is great for your shoulders, running is great for your legs, Pilates is great for your core, yes, all of these are also full body workouts but why not do activities that focus on a specific area and see the biggest transformation?

Switching up your exercises and cardio machines will help you to see the benefits of cross-training.  Or you can add swimming or yoga or another class to your workout week.

the-eagle-passIf you are in San Francisco or Denver, there is an easy way to join multiple gyms/studios for a lower cost than if you joined them all individually.  Go to TheEaglePass.com and you can search gyms in those areas that have teamed up to help you stay motivated and fit.  I have also teamed up with them to provide an additional discount code – find out more about The Eagle Pass Discount Code!

The Eagle Pass participating wellness venues offer discount rates below their lowest package and drop-in rates. This means joining two centers, for example, yoga and boot camp, becomes affordable or less expensive than having a package rate to one center and a pay-as-you-go rate at another. Thinking exclusively on meeting your health needs, not on skewing your routine towards where it’s most cost-effective, allows one to structure the optimal wellness routine according to their health goals.

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