Reason #2 To Fire Your Personal Trainer

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weight-trainingIf your trainer has a wandering eye – then you need to fire them.

Your trainer should be focused on you at all times throughout the workout.  They shouldn’t be setting up the next exercise or looking at other people around the gym.  If they see other clients or friends and do more than acknowledge them, then FIRE THEM!

So many times, I’ve seen other trainers avert their attention, move away to setup the next machine or even turn their back and hold entire conversations with someone else while the client is struggling with form or weights behind them!

You are paying for the session.

That means that you own that time!  You should not have to share your trainer – you should be benefiting every minute.  BUT – you are not off the hook!  You have to be attentive and participating too!  I’ve always asked clients to come in before their session to do their cardio warm-up, if they don’t come in early, then they have to give up session time to properly warm-up.  I also usually let them finish stretching (we cover proper technique in an earlier session) on their own as well.  We plan the next session and make sure the plan for the next week is ready for action.

You are paying for their undivided attention.

Your trainer should not be talking to other trainers, clients or friends during your session.  Of course, your trainer knows everyone – they spend 8+ hours a day in the gym, but that doesn’t mean that they can socialize on your time!  In order to achieve your goals, you have to make sure everyone on your ‘team’ is giving 100%.

You are paying for their knowledge, which encompasses constant move correction, tips, spotting as needed, suggestions, answers to questions and more!

Treat your health like a business and when someone isn’t pulling their ‘weight’ then you need to cut them loose.  (Think of it as ‘trimming the fat’!)  OK, enough dorky cliches – the point is that you are ultimately in charge of getting what you need out of your training sessions and workouts.  You can’t expect massive results just from your trainer time, but its a key element in making sure you execute your plan when you are on your own.  If your trainer is disappointing you, then fire them!

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