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Its one of the oldest workouts, but its really made a splash in the US in the last few years. I wanted to know more about Kettlebells, so I found a couple of experts in Nashville to give me the rundown. In this episode of Fit Life, we cover the history of Kettlebells and learn how to do the Kettlebell Swing. A big thanks to Matt and Dave for taking the time to share their knowledge. We will also be doing an episode on the Turkish Getup.

Once you’ve learned the technique and practiced the dead lift, you are ready for a workout!

Kettlebell Swing Workout:
Swing for 30 seconds and then take 30 seconds off. Repeat the 30 seconds on/30 seconds off for 3-5 minutes and work your way up to doing this for 7-10 minutes.

Our Experts:
Dave Whitley

Matt McBryde

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