Switch Your Food Focus to ‘What CAN I Eat?’

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dietI’ve always frowned on using the word ‘diet’ when referring to losing weight because it just screams “OFF LIMIT FOODS!” and that doesn’t motivate me.   I also don’t make lists of all the foods I can’t eat because that would just make me angry and rebellious.  Instead, I enjoy all the awesome seasonal fruits and vegetables I can and then allow myself moderation of chocolate or other treats.  This is the process that works for me and I related to this article from Fit Sugar.  Do you agree or have another approach?

from Fit Sugar…

When you’re trying to lose weight, many people work on only eating healthy foods, and they say no to cakes, cookies, greasy foods, and the like. With diet restrictions, it’s hard not to think about all the foods that are off-limits, but instead of mourning for cheesecake and cheese fries, focus on the foods you can eat…

Read Full Story:  Focus on Foods You Can Have, Not Foods You Can’t – FitSugar

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