Have You Seen My Motivation?!

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candleI often feel disappointed in myself when I’m not motivated to go to the gym or shoot a show.  I mean, I love what I do, so how can I not be thrilled about working or exercising ALL the time?!  It sounds completely ridiculous but I feel that if I’m not completely excited, then I’m not giving it everything that I can.  Of course, keeping myself motivated and then motivating others and then doing it on camera, I guess I’m allowed a few days of head in the sand, but still – I often worry about my motivation and productivity levels.  This post from Zen Habits could not have come at a better time.  The idea that energy and motivation comes in waves makes perfect sense but I still hate dealing with those hours or even days when I’m in slow-mo.  Going forward, I’m going to strive for appreciating my ups and downs and trying to make the most of them… we’ll see how this goes.  I have a feeling this will take years.  << Why Motivation Doesn’t Really Matter >>

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