Fight the Frumpy, Old Married Lady Obligation

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obesityI just finished reading a Time Magazine article (First Comes Love, Then Comes Obesity, July 6, 2009) about how women living with men have a higher rate of obesity than those that don’t. It seems that if you have lived with a man for more than a year, your weight is 63% likely to go up versus a single lady. After you get married, both of you are 230% more likely to end up packing on the pounds! I’m wondering what causes this and how to combat it.

Possible causes?

  • Matching Portions – If he dishes out your dinner, then you might be getting way too many calories for your body.
  • Not out to impress – Once you’ve snagged that man, you don’t have to worry about your appearance.
  • Skip the gym – If there is someone waiting for you at home, you don’t want to waste time at the gym!
  • Shared Desserts – Maybe you eat out more often and order appetizers and desserts.


  • Start a gym regimen together – With the DVR invention, there are very few reasons to rush home at the end of the day. Meet at the gym or take a walk and catch up while burning calories.
  • Fix your own plate with smaller portions – Even if he cooks dinner, make sure you dish your own portion so that you can make sure not to over-size your meal.
  • Why aren’t you out to impress? – Just because you don’t have to look great on that first date, doesn’t mean you can’t put forth some effort. It’s always nice to turn heads.
  • TV timer rule – If you find that you both park it on the couch every night, then set a rule for how many hours a week you can be in front of the TV. It will make you more selective on your programming choices (and you’ll have time for exercise).
  • Split It – When you eat out, you can split an appetizer and an entree for fewer calories and dollars. You’ll end up with plenty of food but if you need more you can add a salad or broth-based soup.

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