Easy Dinner Fix: Fewer Calories, More Vegetables!

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cornHow to add more vegetables to dinner? How to make the meals lighter? How to blend it all seamlessly so it still tastes good? I’ve found a great way to do all of this when making taco meat and spaghetti sauce. I’ve started using half the amount of meat I usually do and instead add a filler vegetable as seen in the table below. This is working out so well because we are getting more vegetables mixed into our meal and I’m only using 1/2 the meat which is cutting down on the grocery bill and my daily calories! Finally, we are using all of our purchased produce, which is awesome!

Old Way New Way
Tacos 1 lb of lean ground beef or turkey – veggies for toppings 1/2 lb of lean meat and 1+ c. of corn, black beans, or chopped mushrooms
Spaghetti 1 lb of lean ground beef or turkey – no veggies 1/2 lb of lean meant and 1+ c. of chopped mushrooms or diced asparagus

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