Indiana Going Green with Wind Turbines

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wind turbineOn my recent trip to Indiana to see friends and family, Chris and I were commenting on the endless rows of corn and soy beans when we noticed wind turbines in the distance. We saw them often in California but never up close and never in a midwest cornfield. We decided to check them out up close and were amazed.

First, these things are huge! I had no idea how tall the tower was or how huge the blades were!

Second, there were over a hundred just in a few miles! This means lots of energy being created and with less than 1/3 acre per tower, these farmers aren’t losing much space to make energy and earn extra cash!

Third, building these wind farms is helping give jobs at a time when it is much needed.

Finally, I’m just so proud of Indiana to be proactively seeking out ways to go green and use the farm space in as many ways possible.wind farm indiana

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