Healthy Food Option – Cedarlane Frozen Meals

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cedarlane foodsSometimes you are just too busy to cook dinner.  Sometimes you want to take lunch but don’t want to make something.  These are the reasons that frozen meals were created.  However, most frozen foods aren’t healthy for you, they are full of preservatives, empty of vegetables and high in sodium.  I was excited to find Cedarlane All Natural Frozen Foods which include pizza, lasagna, tamales, chicken dishes and even some breakfast meals!  They taste good and are some of the healthiest frozen meals available.  I was able to try the stuffed focaccias and was pretty impressed.  One pizza made 2 servings for me at about 450 calories each and I just heated up some leftover marinara for dipping sauce.  This was the perfect “I’m at the office way too long but really don’t want to order takeout” meal!   These meals are readily available in grocery stores and of course healthier grocery chains as well.  Recently, they have even started a delivery meal plan which allows you to eat healthier all natural foods without the effort!

Thanks to Cedarlane for sending me product to review!

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