Watermelon Recipe Ideas

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Watermelon recipe ideasOne of my favorite things about summer is all the summer fruits!  There is just something that pairs watermelon with a hot summer day or cookout, but it is such a big fruit!  I know they make the smaller ones but my local farmer’s market only sells the large ones (and for cheaper!).  So then the question is – how to eat that much watermelon without it going bad?  I can only eat so many slices of chilled melon before I’m ready for something different.  So, I turned to one of my favorite sources, Martha Stewart, and this is what I found:

Martha Stewart – Watermelon Recipes I think I’m going to try the watermelon and cucumber salad!

I also found this Watermelon Salsa Recipe that looks really good!

If that’s enough – then check out Just Fruit Recipes.

There is no excuse for you to waste any more melon or fresh produce this summer – use your resources and be creative!

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