Newly Added to Superfood Category – Popcorn

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popcorn popperPopcorn.  Popcorn at movies, popcorn during TV, popcorn at our wedding…my husband loves popcorn.  It seems to be a hereditary trait.  His whole family loves popcorn.  Ever seen the Whirley Pop popcorn popper?  That was the family business for years.  Getting the picture?

We’ve always known that popcorn is a healthy snack (when not piled with butter) but now it seems that its full of antioxidants as well.  This means – another reason for the Macs to eat popcorn!!

If you find popcorn dry without butter, try adding cinnamon or other spices like cayenne or garlic or chili powder!  This adds flavors without too many calories, if any.

Be creative and enjoy this favorite old-fashioned snack (in moderation, of course)!

Popcorn Hopping With Antioxidants – FitSugar

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