Yes, It’s Recyclable!

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recycleA wine cork, a packing envelope, the phone book — ever wonder how you can recycle these things instead of tossing them into the trash?  Re-Nest has given you a list of the 10 Things You Can Recycle You Didn’t Know You Could

Here are a couple of my personal notes to their post.  I want to recycle everything but don’t want it to be a big project or costly, so…

  • I have found that you can return old medications to the pharmacy.
  • Old batteries can go to most electronic stores for recycling.
  • Yes, Home Depot takes old/broken CFLs.
  • Most recycling centers will let you put phone books in the ‘Paper’ container.
  • Also, I donate my old cell phones to charity causes such as those for local domestic abuse victims or  Cell Phones for Soldiers.

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