Yes, I’m checking myself out…

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gym mirror
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s got the best workout form of us all?!

I hate staring at myself in the mirror when working out and didn’t really think I needed to… Wrong!

Today I took a Pilates class for the first time in a few years.  I’ve been doing Pilates on my own for awhile and thought I was fully aware of my positioning throughout the workout.  I don’t have a mirror to stare into when I’m working out at home, but I did have one today during class.  I couldn’t believe all the tiny corrections I was able to make because I could see them but not feel them.   This wasn’t the first time I’ve noticed this issue, either.  When I’m doing exercises for camera, I don’t get to stare at myself and correct along the way, like I would if I was working out in a gym or training someone else.  Sometimes I look at the footage and its completely unusable because something is off by just an inch.  (Now training the director to spot issues before it’s too late!) I know that I am very aware of how everything feels when I’m working out and overall have pretty good positioning, but it is amazing how you can still miss the tiniest things when you aren’t given the ability to see yourself.

Lesson of the Day:

Workout in front of a mirror!
No matter how good you are, you will benefit from being able to look at yourself while doing an exercise and correct your movements.

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