New Relationship Alert! Vibram Five Fingers

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amymac vibram five fingersThe Meet:

I saw him walking down the street one day and thought, “Not really  my type.” Our next encounter was at a friend’s place.  I still wasn’t won over but definitely knew that we would see each other again.  The other day, I picked him up in a store.  We’ve spent a couple of hours everyday together since.  It’s still too early to tell but I think we might end up in a long term relationship… we’ll see!

So Far:

– I struggle to put the Five Fingers on, but I’m getting better and looking forward to a day when my pinkie toe won’t hide from the world.

– After wearing the shoes around the house for a couple of days, we ventured out for a 30 minute hike and it felt good.  Amazing how you can walk over rocks and not flinch!  I’m one step closer to being a barefoot walker!

– I notice a difference in posture and muscle usage when wearing these shoes…hoping its as good as the stats say it is.

– My knees haven’t bothered me when wearing these shoes.

– Going to start looking for a barefoot running expert to give me the lowdown on these shoes, walking and running technique and help me prepare a Fit Life episode doing a Five Fingers product review and a rundown of this new trend.

I’m a friend, so far, of the Five Fingers KSO and thinking that I will soon be a fan.  I will keep you posted as our relationship progresses.

Let me know your thoughts on these shoes and the hype behind barefoot running/ barefoot walking!

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