My Vibram Five Finger Relationship Continues

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my vibram five fingers ksoI love that you guys are all excited to hear more about my Vibram Five Fingers!

Alright, so this is the end of week 2 and I have to tell you, I’m working out harder than I have in the last year and I am knee pain free!  Now, is it the shoes, the physical therapy, the cross training, or all of the above? I have no idea.  I haven’t run in the last few weeks and I’m sure that has something to do with it.  However, I’ve been using these finger shoes for elliptical, weight training and walking and feel pretty strong.  I love weight-lifting in them, I feel that I’m relying more on my muscles for stability and support instead of a cushy running shoe. Plus, I’ve even gotten better at putting the Vibrams on – my pinkie toe isn’t nearly as angry as it was 2 weeks ago!  I think that’s a good sign.

Existing knee pain has diminished
Weight Lifting feels more effective
My pinkie toe is gaining some independence

Cons or Questions:
Because of the lack of cushion, will these be harmful to my knee and hip joints over the long term?
I feel my calves working differently when I wear these – I won’t end up with cankles, will I?
I’m not getting paid for all my Vibram endorsements!

I think in the next couple of weeks, I might try a couple of short jogs in barefoot running style. I’ll keep you posted!

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