Gadget Review: Brookstone Heart Rate Monitor Ring

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I’ve been wearing a heart rate monitor for probably the last 4 years.  Of course, I’m using the watch with chest strap setup. I have great success with this equipment and I’m not sure I could have trained for the marathon without it.  Now, that chest strap isn’t the most comfortable, so when I saw that there was a heart rate monitor ring out there – I had to give it a try!

Here is my review on the Brookstone Heart Rate Monitor Ring


  • Device Size
    • It is lightweight and great for walking or running.
  • Sizer Ring
    • Adapted to my smaller fingers with the sizer ring
  • Price
    • At only $40, this would be a steal (if it worked).


  • Not Multi-Functional
    • Either timer or heart rate, not both.
  • No Calorie Counter
    • A feature I wasn’t sure I’d miss, I did.
  • No Light
    • Another trivial feature that I apparently use often.

Put to the Test:

My usual jogging bpm (beats per minute) is around 170- 174.  On this particular jog, my watch/ strap read my heart rate at 170 bpm.  At the same time, the ring was reading between 98-140 bpm.


I didn’t have any success with this product.

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Brookstone Heart Rate Monitor Ring

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