Gym Germs – Wipe Those Machines Down!

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germsI love that everyone at the gym is being very diligent on wiping down their cardio and weight equipment.  This will definitely help prevent the spread of the flu.  However, I see lots of people just cleaning the areas that you lean or sit on so I want to remind you of a couple of areas that need attention.

When you wipe down a machine, make sure you clean:

1) Many weight machines have handles.  Wipe these down!

2) If you use a weight machine, make sure you clean the stick, lever, knob that adjusts the resistance.

3) The handles of dumbbells and barbells.

4) Lay a towel on any shared yoga mat or similar item.

Always wash your hands after a workout!  These precautions will help to keep us all healthy this winter!

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