Calories Posted on Menu – Make any difference?

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obesityA few weeks ago, a small study indicated that posting the calories on menus had not impacted ordering decisions in NYC.   More recently, city health officials have revealed that there has, in fact, been a difference in the menu selection since the calorie-labeling law went into effect.  Many people claim that they aren’t paying attention to the numbers but at 4 chain restaurants, Au Bon Pain, KFC, McDonald’s and Starbucks, fewer calories were ordered.

What does this mean?

I think its a good sign that many people want to reduce their caloric intake but don’t know how.  By giving them this information, they can make an informed decision.  It seems like a simple, inexpensive step for restaurants to take to help fight obesity.  I don’t think it affects their profits because people are already in the store and going to order.  So this means the only bottom line affected is ours, which is a good thing.

How Posted Calories Affect Food Orders – NYTimes

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