General Mills to Cut Sugar in 10 Kids Cereals

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kid cerealI don’t know about you, but I grew up on cereal.  Although, while I was eating Cheerios and not adding sugar, some of my friends were eating all kinds of sugary, chocolatey cereals and still dumping sugar on them!  Yet, somehow, we didn’t have the childhood obesity problems that plague kids now.  Maybe it was all the tag during recess or bicycling around the neighborhood instead of computers, tv and video games.  Anyway, the past is the past and our kids now are getting bigger everyday.  General Mills has announced that they will be reducing the sugar content on 10 of their popular kids cereals, taking some of them to single digits – this is good news.  I usually try to eat cereals that have less than 7g per serving so maybe this will open up some other options.  General Mills is hoping to do this by spring.  Apparently, they have already reduced sugar in some of their cereals by up to 20%.

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