P90X Challenge – Week 2

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We have completed the first week of P90X and have started week 2! I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised with how engaged Tony (host) keeps me throughout the videos.

So far, I feel great.  I am doing more pushups and pullups than I ever imagined and overall, I feel stronger and energized.  The only video I struggled with was Yoga X.  This has always been a weakness for me so I wasn’t surprised but I’m definitely determined to get better.  It feels really good to mix up my workout for a few weeks.  I’m even picking up a couple of new favorite exercises that I will add to my own arsenal, as well as teach. Nik has already lost weight and feels stronger.  We both joked that we can already see new muscle definition but I’m pretty sure we are just seeing shadows! I love trying to push myself on each exercise.  Sometimes when I’m in the gym, I reach my number and stop even if I could go further just because I’m in a routine.  I’ve really been pushing myself on these videos and I’m finding that the next day, I’m not nearly as sore as I thought I would be.  Point being that even though I work out hard and always in my target heart rate, I can still improve and challenge myself with new exercises, limits and some friendly competition.  I would strongly recommend doing this or any other challenge with a competitive friend because then you know you won’t skip out! The other day, I worked out at midnight because I didn’t want to be a day behind – that would not have been the case if we weren’t in this bet!

Although I’m enjoying the P90X series, I still say that if you can commit yourself 60-90 minutes EVERY DAY to working out – you will see results.

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I have no affiliation/sponsorship, etc with BeachBody and P90X. I am simply testing and reviewing the series for fun and educational purposes.

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