Latest Barefoot Running Adventures

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amymac-vibram-five-fingers-300x225I know so many of you were intrigued by the concept of barefoot running and the Vibram FiveFinger shoes that I’ve been using, so I wanted to keep you up to date on our latest adventures!

Fingers (and toes) crossed, I’ve been nearly knee pain free since last fall.  I’ve continued to run, hike and so some yoga in the Vibrams and think that they are largely responsible for my improvements.

I will be running a 5K this week in these barefoot running shoes, which is the first event I’ve used them for.  It is suppose to be 30 degrees and snowing but I’m confident that my decision to run in them is the right one.

Finally, I wanted to draw attention to a Time Magazine article, Toe Huggers, written about the author’s positive experience in the Vibram FiveFingers as well.

More about my barefoot running shoes experiences:

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