Super Bowl Snacking

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super bowl foodsIt’s every football fan’s favorite time of the year – the Super Bowl!  In addition to watching the game, you have to have an amazing food spread to properly celebrate.  The foods are generally classified as junk food and eating them over the course of the game can add up to more than a day’s worth of calories… plus the calories in beverages!

First, know what you are getting yourself into.  Here is a quick guide to some nutrition facts for popular Super Bowl foods.

If you are going to the party, plan on taking a dish of your own so you have something healthy to nosh on.

If you see some of your favorite foods on the table, eat those, only those and only a small amount of those.  Don’t try to fight the temptation because by the end of the night you will have eaten those plus these and a little bit of that.

If you are hosting the party, you can make a few easy food swaps and no one will think, “Wow, healthy food.” they’ll instead applaud your variations and creativity.

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