Finding Exercise Motivation

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crowded gymI had to laugh and cringe at this post on motivation and frustration at Fit Sugar.

from FitSugar:

Confession time. It was cold and rainy last weekend, and I motivated myself to go to the gym for an indoor cardio workout that would warm me up in no time. When I got there, it was like everyone in the entire city had the same idea, and every machine was occupied.

After waiting for about 10 minutes, I decided to throw in my towel…

I have also gone to the gym a couple of times and had to leave without working out before.  It is the worst feeling ever! I always tell people that the hardest part of working out is getting there, but there are occasions where the gym is too crowded or maybe you try to workout when sick or too tired and it just doesn’t happen.  I remember one time, it was a terrible winter day and I thought that working out would make everything better.  I finally made it to the gym, did 1 set of bicep curls and said, “This is stupid, I’m going home.” and then left. Sometimes, its ok to not feel motivated or in the mood, just focus on how great your next workout will be.

Focus on your motivation, mix up your routines and have fun with your workouts to prevent burnout!

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