Easy Lunch Options: Soup It Up!

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We’ve only got a few weeks left of warm winter soup before we have to clear the decks and prepare for sensational summer salads! Before soup season comes to a close we need to make the most out of the last few batches.

1) Add Vegetables

Even if you aren’t going to make a homemade pot of soup, you can still add veggies!

Fortify Your Soup… – FitSugar

2) Go Lean

Switch out ground beef or steak for a leaner meat like ground turkey or chopped chicken.

3) Perfect Combination

Transition from soup to salad by spending the next few weeks eating them together! One of my favorite lunch combos is soup and a salad.  Skip the excess bread with empty carbs and pair these together for the perfect start to spring!

What suggestions do you have for making the most out of the last few weeks of soup season?


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