Start Your Spring Cleaning

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Where to start with spring cleaning? This can be as overwhelming as starting a workout routine, but if you start it with 1 task at a time, you will make progress! It’s always amazing how great you feel when your life is just a bit uncluttered!

2010 Spring Cleaning List Lineup:

1) Closets
Outdated clothes, ill-fitting clothes or something you haven’t worn in over a year – Donate It!

2) Cupboards
Properly dispose of medications. Find a home for all of those little travel/ sample toiletries – I fill ‘Guest Boxes’ and put them in the spare rooms in case they forget something. Organize the cabinets so you can find what you use most.

3) Pantry
Old cooking supplies, stale cereal, massive amounts of plastic bags – clean it out and organize!

4) Offices
Stacks of mail, magazines, things to file… the list goes on forever.  The Desk.  My piles multiply, I swear.  When I worked at an office, I cleared my desk EVERYDAY, now that I work from home…

I know the best way is to tackle 1 section at a time but if you’re like me, this whole section is a losing battle!

5) Totes/ Boxes
What’s in all of those boxes in the garage? If you can’t remember, then it’s probably not worth the storage space. You’ll free up some space, find some treasures and really build your garage sale pile by combing through all of these boxes. You might even want to invest in some totes so your valuables will be safe from any water or critter damage.

6) Garage
You conquered the boxes, but what about all of the riffraff? Tools and other supplies should have a home so you can find them when you need them.

These are just a few places for you to start de-cluttering.  If you finish all of this and have time to clean – go for it!  Everyone has their method for Spring Cleaning – I’d love to hear yours!

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