P90X Review Progress Report: Weeks 9 & 10

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Week 9 of P90X was rather uneventful. It felt great to get back on the weight routine.  I added a little bit of extra cardio and felt pretty good. I was tight on time so I wasn’t able to take all of the weight workouts to the gym like I’d planned but still got in what I needed to do.  I really wanted to make the transition to more protein in my diet but my schedule was just not allowing for lots of diet experimentation.

Week 10 of P90X was another busy week and part of the workouts were on the road.  It seems that I’m just putting in the time and not really focusing on the workouts so I can get max results.  This is becoming frustrating, as is the fact that I’m still not adding as much protein to my diet as I think I need.  I added a mid-day protein bar for 2 days and really think it made a positive difference. I bought a whole variety of protein bars to test out so we’ll see how that experiment goes.

Workout Commitment

  • Pros: I will say that because I’m on this program, I’m more consistent on working out, especially on the road.
  • Cons: Sometimes, I just want to go for a quick jog and check working out off my list for the day but instead P90X sits on my to-do list and the burden gets heavy.

Fitness Improvements

  • Pros: I feel stronger, even though I haven’t been able to do every single workout. I feel like I’ve learned several new things about working out and training myself (something I usually don’t take the time to focus on), which I will add to my future training.
  • Cons: I feel I have to add extra cardio to get the burn I want and this just adds more workout time.  My knees are also starting to feel weak which means that I’m missing some strength somewhere in my legs again.

P90X Review Progress:

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I have no affiliation/sponsorship, etc with BeachBody and P90X. I am simply testing and reviewing the series for fun and educational purposes.

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