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Nutrisystem Review – Amy Mac

I’d heard about Nutrisystem, but had never tried it. I was curious about it, so decided to give it a try for a week. I spent the week eating their perfectly portioned meals of pizza, lasagna, soup, cajun chicken, beef teriyaki, muffins, scones and chocolate cake1. I was impressed!

Everything I ordered tasted good – my favorites were the pizza, cheese tortellini and chocolate cake. I also thought all of the granola bars were good as well. I was prepared for really bland diet food but was surprised, the only doctoring up I did was add a dash of oregano to the minestrone and heat up the apple scone.

Portion Size:
I noticed that their portions were just a tiny bit smaller than what I usually eat. This was something that I wanted to learn from this experiment. I had noticed that I was eating more and more and wanted to get back to the smaller portions. I took all of the food out of its packaging and put it on a plate so I could really think about the size and use it for future reference.

I don’t like to be hungry and I was worried! However, I was very conscious about making sure I had enough fruits and veggies to snack on so that I wasn’t hungry in between meals. I also drank milk and added salad or veggies to each meal. The meals are full of protein and that is what fills you up!


This was so easy to do that if I was single, I’d probably just stay on it! None of the food had to be refrigerated, the only grocery shopping I had to do was for milk, vegetables and fruit. AND no matter how busy I was – I knew that in just a couple of minutes, I could have a nice hot lunch.


Their plans are affordable. I know that when I was working at an office, I spent too much money on lunch everyday!

The only cons I found on this were that because all the meals were packaged, I had more trash and recycling than usual. My only other concern was that the foods weren’t natural or organic, which is something that I try to do. But, I really think losing weight and being healthy comes first, and then you can work into eating natural.

Now I didn’t weigh myself for this experiment but I did do measurements and at the end of the week, I’d lost a 1/2 in. in my waist2.  Overall – I would say that this would be a great way for busy people to lose weight.

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1: On Nutrisystem you add-in fresh grocery items.
2: Results not typical.

Amy Mac is a paid affiliate of Nutrisystem.

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