Conquering Group Exercise Class

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When you are intimated, overwhelmed or frustrated in a group exercise class, should you give up and opt for the elliptical or stick with it, hoping you’ll pick it up?

Simple answer: Three Strike Rule!

Most class styles, formats and instructors take some time to adjust to.  I’ve never taken a class – dance, workout or otherwise – that I wasn’t lost and confused for at least part of it.  Remember that most everyone else in the class is a regular, which means they know the flow of the class and have probably learned ‘the standards’ used by the instructor. Give yourself at least 3 classes before moving on and deciding that kickboxing/spin/step is not for you.  Keep in mind, personality plays a big role in a class so if the instructor isn’t speaking your language on cues or motivation, then simply take action and find one that does!

Trainer Tip:
If you get lost in a class, keep moving! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the combination  – KEEP MOVING! :)

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