Exercise Song of the Week: Foxy Shazam

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What’s at the top of my gym playlist this week?

Foxy Shazam – Oh Lord

$1.29 – Buy it now!   Foxy Shazam - Foxy Shazam (Deluxe Version) - Oh Lord

Foxy Shazam was a big hit at SXSW 2010 and Oh Lord has been their top downloaded song on iTunes. Once I hear this song, I hum it for the rest of the day so beware!  Also, the Foxy Shazam Oh Lord music video is WAY FUN so give it a watch!  Thanks to @drumtolive for this week’s suggestion!

Building an awesome playlist has always been on my to-do list and I actually did it for the marathon.  However, that was 2 years ago and it’s time to build a new gym playlist! I figured if I made it a team project, maybe it would finally get done and truly be the Ultimate Gym Playlist for 2010! Every week, I’ll be highlighting a new or great old song that I’ve moved to the top of my exercise playlist. I’m definitely open to suggestions so comment below or shoot me a message about what is at the top of your workout playlist!

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