Fitness Survival Guide

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Natural disasters are occurring all over the world at a frightening rate. Being healthy, strong and in shape can be more beneficial than you think when it comes to survival of the fittest. This Fit Life video is part of the Discovery Channel’s The Colony social experiment.  It gives you 4 exercises that you should practice and master in case of a natural disaster.  In addition to those exercises, I give you simulations (best part of the video!) in which you can use these fitness survival skills. After you watch the video, head over to and join the social experiment – it’s really awesome! I’m #stillhere!

Be fit to fight with these exercises:

Exercise 1- Pushups for upper body strength.

Exercise 2- Jump Squat for lower body strength.

Exercise 3- Baseline Gallop for speed and agility.

Exercise 4- Cardio for endurance.

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