Travel Fitness: Lower Body Exercise

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Everyone wants to have a travel workout plan.  It can be so difficult to achieve ‘travel fitness’. You’re in a hotel with no equipment, what kind of exercises can you do?  I’ve made a full 12 exercise Hotel Workout series that will be available in Amy Mac’s Fit System this summer.

This lower body exercise can be done anywhere that you can find a wall to lean against!  However, I love this move for hotels because it takes so little space and just a few seconds to engage the leg and butt muscles.  This is also another exercise that can work for people that have weak knees because it really forces your weight into the heels. Remember that you can gradually work your way lower and lower until you are in a full seated-chair position.  Breaks are also OK so don’t be intimidated – take a deep breath, you can do this!

If you’re feeling strong, start challenging your balance by lifting one leg at a time!

Trainer Tips:

  • Keep shoulders back
  • Don’t let knees come over toes
  • Don’t let your butt dip lower than your knees
  • Squeeze stomach
  • Don’t hold yourself up with your arms!

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