Core Strengthening: Back

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The book sneak peek tip – Core Muscles: Back… only 87 days until the book release!



Most people don’t think about the back as being important for strong abs.  In truth, however, the back is part of your core, and is therefore very important.  Strengthening your back muscles will help stabilize your spine and improve your posture, which in turn will help improve the look and feel of your abs.

The multifidus and erector spinae are the two back muscles that are most associated with the core.  The erector spinae can be strengthened when working the obliques.  The multifidus is the muscle that runs along your spine; you can focus on engaging this one by using either the cobra or plank exercises.

So, while you’re devoting time to doing crunches, be sure to dedicate some time to your back as well.  You’ll see better results by strengthening the entire core, back included.

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