Core Strengthening: Obliques

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The book sneak peek tip – Core Muscles: Obliques… only 86 days until the book release!



For the second part of mastering our core, we’re going to focus on the obliques.  You have both internal and external obliques, which are located on the sides of your waist.  These muscles are responsible for twisting from side to side, so strengthening these muscles can help you to trim your waist.

One of the best ways to work these muscles is by doing side-to-side crunches on either the floor or a fitness ball.  Start by lying on your back with your arms crossed in front or lightly holding the back of your head.  Now, instead of crunching straight up to the ceiling, twist to the left as you lift and then come back to center; then, twist to the right as you lift and come back to center.  Repeat.

The entire time you’re doing these, remember to breathe and to squeeze your belly button towards your spine.  Of course you can’t spot train, but targeting these individual muscles will help you see results.

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