Core Strengthening: Rectus Abdominus

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The book sneak peek tip – Core Muscles: Rectus Abdominus… only 85 days until the book release!



When thinking about working the abs, most people think of it as one big section.  The truth, however, is that your abs are a complex muscle system and that each group needs to be worked.  When you are working on that six-pack look, you’re working on your rectus abdominus.

The rectus abdominus is located in the front, center of your stomach.  It runs from the ribs all the way to the pelvis, and is all one muscle; so, when you hear people working on their “upper” and “lower” abs, they’re really working the same muscle.

The best way to work your rectus abdominus is through regular crunches, lower leg raises, and leg tucks.  You should be familiar with the first two exercises; the last one is where you sit on the floor or on the edge of a chair and bring your legs into your chest and then away in a controlled manner.
Also remember that your stomach muscles are just like any other muscle and shouldn’t be trained every day.
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