Core Strengthening: Tranverse Abdominus

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The book sneak peek tip – Core Muscles: Tranverse Abdominus… only 84 days until the book release!


The transverse abdominus is the deepest of our ab muscles.  It is responsible for holding everything in place on the inside, including the spine.  Although we don’t see this muscle from the outside, we should still work on strengthening it.  If the transverse abdominus becomes weak, it can lead to back problems, poor posture, and other issues.

Pilates is a great way to tone this muscle because the moves used require you to engage your core at its deepest level.  You can begin to locate this muscle by lying on your back and placing your hands over your stomach.  Now squeeze your belly button downward to your spine.  When your hands lower, you are using your transverse abdominus.

You can also do this move while standing or, to provide more resistance, in a pushup position.  If trying the pushup position though, be sure to hold your body in a straight line and don’t let your butt stick up or droop!


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