Foodborne Illness

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E. Coli

You may recall the E. Coli outbreaks of 2006 that effected spinach lettuce, and tomato crops.  These outbreaks also affected those of us trying to eat more fresh veggies and salads.
Interestingly, it doesn’t seem to make any difference whether the food is conventional or organic – all produce is at risk in these situations.  Washing vegetables is always a good habit and can help to eliminate some bacteria.  This is true even if you are planning on peeling the item.  Leafy greens, however, are difficult to wash and clean.

Studies show that food borne illnesses are on the decline in the last few years; this trend will hopefully continue. The good news is that farmers and government officials realize the importance of this issue and are working collectively to create a more effective system to prevent outbreaks.
For now, though, your best course of action is to wash your produce thoroughly and to be conscientious of E. Coli outbreaks.

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