Leftovers: How Long?

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… only 77 days until the book release!



Leftovers are a fact of life, whether they come from holiday meals or last night’s dinner.  Or, maybe you do all of your cooking at once and eat the meals throughout the week.  Whatever the reason, you may want to take a minute and think about the shelf life of your cooked dishes.

Personally, I’ll eat something until it tastes bad or it’s beginning to grow mold.   My husband Chris, however, throws things out after 3 days because he claims they’re no longer good.  So, I decided to do a little research.  Here’s what I found:

Importantly, each source agrees that if you’re unable to eat the leftovers within these time frames, you should freeze the dish immediately to preserve it.

It looks like I’m going to lose this battle to Chris and have to start throwing things away sooner.  But at least now we know for sure!


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